Chastity in a bottle ?

This chastity-device is simply a metal drinking-bottle, from my local "Tiger" store.
When this one is sucked into place, there's very few possibilities for going anywhere before removing it, and without a proper piece of tube it's literally impossible

It works like this: 

a/I take a piece of air-hose, from an aquarium-pump, applies a little lubrication to the hose, and then I insert the hose into the bottle opening.
b/ I pull the foreskin as far out over the penis head as I can.
c/ then I insert the foreskin into the bottleneck
d/ before I apply vacuum to the other end of the air-hose.
As soon as the penis head is through the bottleneck, the rest is no problem, it's just to let the bottle suck its way down the shaft, untill the pubic bone prevents it from going any further.
At this point I can apply as much - or as little - vacuum to the penis, as I desire.
And here's the point in lubricating the air hose well, before starting the project.. When I've acquired the amount of suction that I want, I suck just a little harder, upon which I pull the air-hose out of the bottleneck, and "plop"...

Now 'the sucker' is stuck..! -and my dick within it.

When I want to remove the bottle, i lubricate the air-hose very well, and insert it into the bottle.
Then I blow through the air hose, thus 'pushing' my penis out of the bottle. ( It requires a little, but don't worry yet ).
Now, imagine to suck a bottle to your slaveboy's dick, and then go to work, with the air hose in your bag...

A few pieces of good advise:
1/ Do NOT use a bottle, where you cannot insert the air hose between the bottleneck and an erect penis.. I'm not sure that the paramedics will understand !
2/ Make sure, that the bottleneck is free from every kind of sharp edges, threading and so forth.. for obvious reasons..!
3/ Make successive tests with i.e. cockrings, to find the minimum diametre allowing the insertion of the air hose along an erect penis. Start big, and decrease in small steps !

Click here to see how it's applied...